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>> glenn: live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." i'm bret baier. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been asking questions, looking for answers from the president. >> bret: about a clearly defined strategy in libya and about an end game in 90 minutes, president obama will explain to those lawmakers and to the american people his take on the
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u.s. military involve in the the north african nation, which began just over a week ago. white house correspondent mike emanuel is at the national defense university, the site of the speech tonight with a preview. mike? >> reporter: good evening. president obama will speak to a mostly military audience in the auditorium about why he authorized military force in libya. and where the mission goes from here. military intervention by the u.s. and allies appeared to have shifted momentum in favor of the rebels who fought their way to muammar gaddafi's hometown of sirte. >> clearly, the opposition is not well-organized and it's not a very robust organization. that is obvious. so any gain that they make is tenuous based on that. >> reporter: in a town hall
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on univision simulcast in spanish, president obama reiterated about libya. >> our involvement is there is going to be limited. both in time and in scope. >> reporter: over the weekend, mr. obama explained why he believed military action was necessary. >> i firmly believe that when innocent people are being brutalized, when someone like gaddafi threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives, it's in our national interest to act. >> but when pressed about whether libya posed an actual or imminent threat to the united states, defense secretary gates responded in this way. >> it was not a vital national interest to united states. it was an interest. >> reporter: did say the region is a vital interest. on friday, the president briefed key lawmakers on the mission, but many called for a speech to the nation and said he should have sought congressional authorization for use of force. >> look, everybody understands that gaddafi is a thug.
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and a murderer. we want to see him go. in the midst of two war, i'm not sure we need a third war. >> reporter: rather than address from the oval office as he did on the oil spill, he will speak from the university in washington in december of 2009 when mr. obama announced surge of 30,000 troops in afghanistan, he chose west point. a former bush speech writer says the location may be a personal preference but says it's important to hear from mr. obama directly. >> one of the responsibility of the commander in chief is explain to the american people the reason for milltory action he is taking and ask for support and rally them behind the troops. this is something, this is the responsibility of the president, this president has not been fulfilling. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says based on the limited combat role in libya, the president has been acting within his authority of commander-in-chief and mcconnell says should the role change or expand the president should consult with congress. >> bret: mike emanuel. thank you.
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libyan rebels regained control of hundreds of miles of along the mediterranean coast and are within 60 miles of gaddafi's hometown. rick leventhal looks at the grisly cost of the advances. we want to warn you, some of the video you're about to see is very graphic. >> reporter: opposition fighters in libya have made significant gains in the past 48 hours. retaking several strategic oil towns including brega and ras lanouf. lost to gaddafi forces over the past three weeks. rebels have been counting the days since the uprising began. >> today is 41 days, will be 41 days and gaddafi has been 42 years in power. so, hopefully 42 days tomorrow and finish it tomorrow. >> reporter: but the advances come at a heavy price. several wounded fighters were brought in by ambulance to this just reopened hospital in ras lanouf monday night.
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several more injured arriveed? morning with six dead. doctors do the best they can in a facility shot up and ransacked they say by gaddafi troops. the staff will stick with the rebels as they go toward tripoli. >> as the opposition fighters move west, your medical team will follow. >> treat them as they go. >> any casualty from both sides. we are, you know, limited -- dealing humanity. so we cannot establish between this or that. we treat all the casualties. >> reporter: that humanity has been tested, this doctor from benghazi tells us, by the torture he says gaddafi's mercenaries are inflicting on rebel fighters. he leads us down to the basement into the morgue and his orderlies help bring out the body from the freezer. the bag is unzipped and we see gruesome evidence. a toe and finger smashed and nearly cut off. the hand burned, the skull shattered. >> they cut the fingers.
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using the hammer to dissect the bone, broke the bone by hammering. using the gun they execute them on the head, shoot him in the head. >> reporter: the doctor's claims can't be independently verified but opposition fighters weren't surprised to hear it. they say torture has been part of gaddafi's rule for years and it's one of the reason for the revolution in eastern libya, rick leventhal, fox news. >> bret: senior political analyst brit hume has thoughts on the kind of message president obama is sending with the setting of tonight's address. good evening, brit. >> hey, bret. whatever president obama says tonight, the time and place of his speech has already conveyed a distinct message. most obvious is the appearance before an audience at the national defense university. the location will carry none of the urgency and intimacy of a speech directly to the public from the oval office. plus the president waited
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until command of the operation has been turned over to nato so he won't be talking about strictly american operation, despite the heavy role america plays in nato. mr. obama believes that america's foreign intervention has so damaged the country's image that the stamp of u.s. leadership on this one would be a stain. that explains his willingness to allow the situation to deteriorate until a coalition could be formed. and the u.n.'s blessing could be obtained. that has not stopped critics. and on the right and left from complaining. but so far, the gripes have come mostly from the fringes or from those who habitually complain when a president uses force without congressional permission. the odds now that if the president asked for congressional authorization he would get it. but then he might have to keep talking about the mission after tonight. doesn't seem to want to do that. bret? >> bret: we talked about the difference between the u.s. policy if gaddafi needs to go and the u.n. security council resolution protecting
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libyan population. if gaddafi is in power one month from now, is this all a failure? >> well, i think that piece of it, the united states policy that gaddafi has to go will be seen as having up to then fail. my sense about is it the president probably now wishes he hadn't said that. at the time, it looked like gaddafi was on the ropes you may recall in the earlygoing. i have sensed that he was beingialed to say something to signify he was not pro-gaddafi or that he didn't care. so he said what he said. then, of course, the situation got reversed. military action was called for. only do it if blessed by the u.n. you're not going to get the u.s. to bless an intervention and overthrow a government. >> bret: see you tonight. thanks. yemen's president dropped his offer to step down by the end of the year. move prompted a fresh wave of antigovernment protest there today. across the capital city.
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meanwhile, islamic militants are taking advantage of the deteriorating situation they seized a small weapons factory in nearby towns today. 78 people died in an accidental blast. during looting at that factory. white house officials say military involve in the libya does not set a precedent for how the u.s. will handle uprisings in other places like syria. security forces there continue a massive crackdown on antigovernment protests. correspondent james rosen has that story. again we want to warn you. some of the video in this piece is graphic. >> reporter: unauthenticated video taken last week in a southern city with the protests first took hold is celt to show the demonstrators shot in the street by snipers loyal to syrian president saleh. army units called to western coastal city where weekend clashes killed 12 people in all, protesters killed 70 demonstrators.
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explaining why the u.s. will not likely intervene in syria the way it did in libya, secretary of state clinton cited the scale of the violence. >> there is not an air force being used there is not the same level of force. arp and the ostensibly more benign leader this damascus. >> there is a different leader in syria now. many member of both parties that have gone to syria in recent months said they believe he is a reformer. >> reporter: at least one prominent foreign policy voice in the u.s. senate disagrees. >> if he does what gaddafi has been doing, there is a precedent that has been set and it's the right one. >> reporter: senior aid said libya is unique and military decisions are not based on precedent. secretary clinton tried to engage syria and weaken ties with iran in march 2009 she sent assistant secretary of state to damascus, the first such visit in four years and she
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recently reinstated the american ambassador there. >> you heard secretary clinton call him a reformer, rather than tyrant. >> in many ways, the middle east strategy trying to make focus on the palestinian conflict revolves around making better relations with syria. >> the u.s. policy makers added syria to the list of arab nations experiencing significant internal unrest. one veteran of the obama-policy engagement said they talked the talk of the reform, but has not walked the walk. >> bret: james rosen live at the state department. thank you. egypt's military announced it will lift harsh emergency laws before the parliamentary election in september. restrictions have been in place since 1981 when ousted president hosni mubarak took power. and gave police near unlimited powers of arrest and indefinite detentions. the military also said mubarak and his family are now under
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house arrest in egypt. a truck explosion killed 23 people and wounded five dozen more in eastern afghanistan today. after a team of suicide bombers shot their way to a road construction company compound. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. one senator said the they don't deserve constitutional freedom. and live in japan, where workers face new threat in the effort to get the stricken nuclear plant under control. [ male announcer ] escape convention.
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with so many it's hard to see the difference. but this is the way most dentists choose. fact is, more dentists use an oral-b toothbrush than any other bsh. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use...oral-b. >> bret: gal is now more expensive than ever -- gasoline is more extensive than ever. national gasoline is $3.58, that is 78 cents more than this time last year. april crude fell above 40 to settle at $103.98 a barrel. americans earned and prevent a little more in february. consumer spending rose .07 of
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percentage point as personal spending up .03 of a point. more people signed contracts to buy previously owned homes as pending sales rose 2%. stocks with down. the three largest political parties in portugal have pledged to abide by deficit cuts. set by the outgoing government there. it did not stop the ten-year bond hitting a new record. the five laggest banks also had their credit rating lowered. analysts predict portugal will soon need a bail-out by those taken by greece. lawmakers in the u.s. back from a week-long recess are preparing again to battle over spending there are less than two weeks left on the current short-term resolution that keeps the government running. correspondent doug mckelway has that story. >> reporter: eight days of congressional recess hardened positions on the budget. with a continuing resolution expiring april 8 and
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government shutdown looming again, democrats came back to town today. proposing $20 billion in additional spending cuts. but that is far short of the $61 billion house republicans passed earlier. and tea party activists are in no mood to compromise. the latest to draw a line in the fiscal sand, the republican from pennsylvania who issued exacerbateed statement today. "people of northeastern pennsylvania sent me to washington to stop the out-of-control government spending and rein in growth of the federal government. that's what i'm doing. my patience has run out and so have the patience of the people back home." a message that many moderate republicans appear to be hearing. >> the message is they want the spending cut and stop mortgaging the children's futures. republican should be neither embarrassed nor concerned that we should be carrying that message in my view. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid continued to portray the tea party pressure as republican infighting. >> republicans have to resolve their own deep disagreements
6:18 pm
before they can find middle ground between the two parties. we tried to wait patiently for them to do that. our patience and the american people's patience is wearing very, very thin. >> further complicating any negotiations, the rider included in the house plan bill to defund planned parenthood and long-term resolve on part of the republicans to restructure social security. democrats today tried to use that to maximum political effect with a back off social security rally. >> what they do there is cut the money to allow the social security to be funded properly so they can administer the programs they need. hr-1 hurts social security. >> if they have the last word on spending, tomorrow it may be the republicans. the leaders are planning a press conference tomorrow where they will address the senate democrat failure to pass a long-term bill to cut spending and keep the federal government running for remainder of the fiscal year. >> bret: we'll follow that, doug. thank you. indiana house democrats are back at the state house today
6:19 pm
ending one of the longest legislative walk-outs in recent american history. indiana governor mitch daniels issued a statement saying the only thing radical about the session is a decision by one caucus to walk off the job for five weeks. now that is finally over, let's make up for lost time." insiders at the homeland security department reportedly warned for months that senior obama administration appointees were improperly delaying freedom of information act request. that is according to e-mails obtained by the "associated press." this is the subject of a congressional hearing later this week and ongoing inquiry by the department inspector general. are you disable and you don't know it? we'll explain next. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar.
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>> bret: the equal employment opportunity commission introduced new regulation outlining accommodation under the americans with disabilities amendments act. correspondent shannon bream looks at the fall-out. >> reporter: because of sweeping new workplace regulations issued by the equal employment opportunity commission, oeeoc, millions of american workers may soon be newly classified as legally disabled. triggering the obligation for their employers to provide sometimes costly accommodations and time off. the regulation comes as update to americans with disabilities act, signed in law by president bush and expanded by congress in 199 #. >> some may say majority of americans are covered as disabled under the law. >> the la defined disability as a "physical or mental
6:24 pm
impairment that limits major life activity." the new regulations while they cannot identify an impairment as disability per se, provide list of conditions that will be considered disabilities in all cases. they include epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, post traumatic stress disorder, hiv and major depressive disorder. >> it will help people with disabilities and it will be workable for employers. >> eeoc commissioner feldblum says they worked with the disability community to craft legislation she believes represents a better way to define disability. >> i am hopeful that employers will now move to the next question, which is how do we make sure that our workplace is welcoming of people with a range of health conditions? >> reporter: many labor and employment experts have concern about shifting the burden to employers and predict it won't take long for new regulations to wind up in court.
6:25 pm
>> it will be very difficult for employers to argue in just about any case that employee is exaggerating their disability or the person isn't january win wi disabled. >> absent congressional intervention, the new regulations go in to effect may 24. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: the u.s. supreme court will consider tomorrow whether to hear the largest job discrimination lawsuit ever. the class action suit against wal-mart claims men make more than women. and get promoted faster. it could potentially cost the largest retailer thousands of dollars. power officials say plutonium has been detected in the soil outside the stricken japanese nuclear complex. reporter dominic di-natali is in osako with the latest. >> we have multiple fresh sources of radiation or radioactive substances in the fukushima plant.
6:26 pm
it's been discovered in five locals, half a mile away from troublesome reactors themselves and still well within the plant compound. they're not sure where the source is. they found south of it in tests a week ago. they are only giving us details now. they're not sure what the current levels would be but we're told it's three times above normal levels they expect to find in the soil at the plant. compared to u.s. standards, though, apparently, well within the normal safety readings. all the same, it's din ticktive of more increase radiation. we're also hearing that there are higher levels, much higher levels of radiation in sea water up to a mile off the fukushima plant they're not sure where it's coming from either. it's kind of the radiation that they -- [ inaudible ] from the reactor number two, or one or four. at the moment it's difficult for them to gain access to
6:27 pm
specifically the fuel rod chamber, where they believe the cause of the problem is. right now, they don't know where specifically the breach is, or part of the ducting underneath. they are finding pools of heavily radiated water in trenches around the perimeter. at the moment, they haven't reached a drainage system that would issue it more out to shore. but people say saying that the radiation could reach there anytime soon, depend tok volume of water that continues to be pumped to keep fuel rods cool. at the moment, it's still critical catch-up situation containing the fuel rods while trying to find out the other problems. >> bret: dominic, live early tuesday morning in japan. thank you. japan's nuclear crisis is being blamed in part for electoral losses suffered by german chancellor angela merkel's coalition this weekend. one antinuclear party won its first ever governorship. merkel pledged a preview of the country's nuclear power plants but says she will not reshuffle her cabinet.
6:28 pm
about 30 people gathered outside pennsylvania's three-mile island power station today to mark the 32nd anniversary of the worst commercial nuclear accident in american history. they also offered prayers for the japanese people, especially those forced from their homes by the stricken nuclear reactor you just heard about. a member of the vice president's staff puts a reporter in the closet. we'll explain. russia's president bucks an international trend. it's all for the cows. grapevine is next. [ robin ] my name is robin.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. lautenburg is under fire for comments at a pro-planned parenthood rally in his state. he bashed tea party republicans in washington saying they don't want other people to have an opinion and don't deserve constitutional freedoms. >> they don't deserve the freedoms in the constitution. >> bret: a staffer for vice president biden may want to get some retraining on how to deal with borders. why waiting for biden and nelson to speech at fundraiser he ushered powers from the "orlando sentinel" to a small room that appeared to be used as a storage closet. usually reporter at an event would like to be shown to hotel room to wait. powers was told he could not
6:33 pm
speak to any people at the party and had to wait in the room/closet until vice president biden and nel sob arrived. powers said he was free to leave the closet, he probably would have had to leave the premise altogether missing the speeches. when powers industryed to step out of the room/closet, the staffer said he couldn't come out yet and he ended up waiting for more than an hour. spokesman e-mailed powers and said you have our sincere apologies for lack of a better hold room. hopefully you weren't waiting too long. for powers and all the attention he told fox news, "at this point i'm really just trying to climb back into my closet." in russia, it's all about time. president dmitry medvedev has done away with daylight savings time and says switching the seasons can cause stress and illness and upsets human biorhythms and he continued with somewhat russian analysts considered a bizarre and animal-friendly
6:34 pm
statement claiming "not to mention the unhappy cows and other animals that don't understand the clock's changing and don't understand why the milkmaids come to them at a different time." democrats are holding hearings on the islamophobia as counter to congressman peter king hearing on radical islam. but something recently surfaced that might have a major impact on how the hearings are viewed. david lee miller has the story. >> one day before senator dick durbin slated to chair subcommittee hearing on protecting the civil right of american muslims a controversial picture surfaced that critics say undermines the hearing. photo posted on a website belonging to mosque foundation shows the illinois democrat attending a meeting with mosque leaders. according to ipt, the investigateive project on terrorism, at least two people that met with senators had ties to terrorist groups. >> the picture says 1,000 words. this was taken several weeks
6:35 pm
ago and it reflects the fact that a u.s. senator is conferring legitimacy on some of the most extremist supporters of terrorism in the united states. >> pictureed with senator durbin is saeed. unindicted conspirator in the terror funding case that led to criminal conviction. saeed reportedly raised money 11 years ago at an islamic conference by asking for donations in name of a suicide bomber. more recently, he told a gathering of muslim leaders in 2009 we need to raise our children to know the marors of gaza. also in the 4info is another unindicted terror trial coconspiracy. named mustapha. according to the ipt he's imam for the illinois mosque foundation. and last year days after becoming illinois first state police chaplain his appointment was revoked after ties to terror groups became public. according to ipt, the mosque foundation has a long history
6:36 pm
of ties to terror organizations. for senator durbin he offers no apologies for visiting the mosque foundation. a statement from his spokesman says many other illinois officials have also met with the same individual. the statement goes on to say people who would deny fundamental rights to muslim are trying to discredit tomorrow's hearing with baseless smears and innuendo. >> bret: thank you. a texas college student from saudi arabia accused in a bomb plot pleaded not guilty. he allegedly tried to buy chemicals to build weapon of mass destruction and planned attack various targets including new york city and former president bush's dallas home. his trial is set for may 2. funeral mass for geraldide ferraro is set for thursday morning in new york city.
6:37 pm
she was the first woman to run for vice president on major party ticket died saturday from a form of blood cancer. president obama said his children will grow up in a more equal america because of the life that geraldide ferraro lived. she was a fox news contributor and last appeared on election night with me and megyn kelly. she was 75 years old.
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everybody understands that gaddafi is a thug and murderer and we want to see him go. i think in the midst of two wars, i'm not quite sure we need a third war. i hope the president will tell us that our troops will be leaving, that our military action in libya will be ending very, very shortly. >> this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision and delay. americans are confused to exactly what our policy is, because on the one hand they say it's humanitarian.
6:41 pm
on the other hand they say that gaddafi must go. the president i hope would clarify that in his speech on monday night. >> bret: in less than an hour, president obama will address the nation from national defense university here in washington, d.c. nine days after the u.s. and allies engage first if in the military intervention in libya. also after a weekend, during which administration officials including defense secretary robert gates and secretary of state hillary clinton appeared on some of the sunday talk shows. >> do you think libya posed actual or imminent threat to the united states? >> no. it was not a vital or national interest to the united states but it was an interest. >> bret: what about all of this and what has to happen, needs to happen and will happen in the speech tonight? bring in the panel. chris stirewalt, fox news editor digital. juan williams, columnist with the hill and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer.
6:42 pm
charles? >> it's an important speech, because the president has to give one to explain but in a month no one will remember the speech or the tactics, they won't remember the content of the u.n. resolution they will look and see have we kurk seeded or not. that will depend on one event. will gaddafi be in power or not. if he is, the mission is a failure. because it means that libya will be partitioned. the civil war will be ongoing. because gaddafi's forces are stronger than the opposition that are disorganized we will have to provide protection indefinitely as we did in iraq after the gulf war in 1991. what the president has to explain is the gulf between the u.s. objective, regime change and the u.n. objective, protection of the population. the problem is there is no way to square that rhetorically. in the end, we're going to have to a decision on the ground.
6:43 pm
the libyan rebels are on the outskirts of tripoli. the problem is that the population is progaddafi. meaning if we support the rebels in a ground assault against it, we are not protecting a population, we're attacking a population. on the other hand if the objective is regime change, we have to provide the air ground support. so the answer to the question which is our objective will be answered on the ground. there is no alternative. to support the attack on syria are not, the answer will be what happens in the field. >> speaking of words, juan. democratic senator mends from new jersey says this about the speech -- menendez from new jersey says this about the speech. he wants the word "terrorist" in there. gaddafi is a terrorist, moral equivalent of osama bin laden, a man who ordered bombing of pan am flight 103 and which
6:44 pm
killed 270 including 34 new jerseyens. and who in 2009 swapped lucrative oil deal in exchange for the release of the convicted pan am bomber. there is no question that if given the chance gaddafi will continue to support terrorism and therefore continuing to threaten americans at home and abroad there is pressure to the administration with libya. >> there is but republicans flip-floped all over the pen here. one point they say get in. then they say he went in too late or shouldn't have gone in the way he went in. it sounds like bashing. but he is on target when he calls gaddafi a terrorist no question. he's extortionist and he used extortion to get money to pay off the debt. the civil suits filed after the pan a.m. attacks. this is a terrible person. he deserves to be gone. charles is right in the speech tonight, the st. has to somehow square u.s. policy. with what the conduct so far which has all been couched in terms of the u.n. resolution to protect people who have
6:45 pm
been threatened by gaddafi's thuggery in terms of the u.n. resolution, we have fulfilled that mission. we took the lead and are part of a larger coalition. that's admirable. it's a good thing. to see the arab league of all say yes, go after an arab leader is extraordinary. but i think that ultimately people in the united states it doesn't make sense if you say we're going after gaddafi and he must go, to not only pursue that end. senator sanders there said you know what? this is the third war. it understand that. i think the military understands that. that's why the military was reluctant to get in it's important if you say we'll do something we do it. >> bret: right. when you say republicans are just bashing, the critics say he got in too late with the rebels having success early they could have toppleed gaddafi early. and perhaps made change on the ground, u.s. policy change early in the deal.
6:46 pm
>> no, i think if you look at people like newt gingrich or ross lay top the people who were saying get in, get in. before there was the opportunity to form any coalition or before an opportunity to make it clear that the united states was not going to put ground troops in there. it wasn't going to be our obligation and allow for the potential of the muslim world to say there goes the united states again. pushing over arab country. >> surely you would allow the president left the door open to whether you call it flip-flopping or anything else, because the ambiguity that he has shown in this, the utter communication confusion that has come out of the white house is political malpractice. i have don't know how you are supposed to fight wars but i have an idea how to communicate with the american people and how presidents are supposed to do it. they have botched the communication evident so thoroughly. the standard is the standard for a reason. you go on television, the bombs start to fall or within the first two days you explain
6:47 pm
to the american people politically you may choose to circumvent congress or choose to circumvent the american people but you can't circumvent both and expect an effort to remain popular. starting a war as cynical as this sounds gets you a boost in the polls. that is what happens when a president declares war. people say rally around the flag, rally around the commanderrer in chief in this case we have seen a president approval rating drop and seen support for the war to be the lowest of any military action undertaken by the united states in 20 years. they botched it. >> bret: charles, the question a lot of people are asking is what happens if our goals are met, gaddafi leaves? either in exile or taken out by his own people? what then? what responsibility does the u.s. have to build whatever is the post gaddafi government in libya? >> we will have an extremely high strategic interest in the outcome of who rules in tripoli. supposedly the opposition a
6:48 pm
motley crew. it includes islamists and organizers, middle class and professionals. our job in egypt, tunisia and the other resolution try to do by whatever means to strengthen the elements who are modernist, prowestern, anti-islamists and in the end democratic and decent. like any other situation. it's owning an issue that becomes relevant if we succeed changing the regime, which has to be the immediate objective. >> bret: up next, will the military eventually engage in syria or yemen? stay with us. #
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6:52 pm
is there is a precedent the world community has set in libya and it's the right one. we're not going to stand by and allow this leader to slaughter people like his father did. >> there is a different leader in syria. many members of the congress have gone to syria in recent months and said they believe he is a reformer. >> what is good in libya is not done in bahrain. i think we need a little change of strategic direction in washington so we can understand better the region. >> explaining this weekend why the u.s. will likely not intervene in syria after some 70 people, demonstrators have been killed in recent weeks. secretary of state clinton said this weekend that the level, scale of the violence is different. there is not being an air force, there is not an air force being used she said. it's not the same level of force. so what about this? we're back with the panel. juan, is the administration setting itself up for kind of a measuring stick of how many
6:53 pm
people are killed is the demonstration of when you get involved? is this a dangerous road to go down? >> well, if you are looking for consistency it would be dangerous road. i don't think right now they are trying to make the argument that every situation there is unique. so it's to protect themselveses from just that argument. in today, talking with the administration official what is i heard was that the level of rebellion inside of syria so far is confined to a fairly small town. there is nothing in damascus, the capital there is nothing in the way of a major armed rebellion that would first and foremost united states have a policy discussion that is appropriate to intervene at the juncture. it has to be sensitive to the fact that not only is syria next door to israel but it has been a host for a lot of fumbling of money of iran to hezbollah. supporting terrorist activity. this could be an opportunity in fact then to set off a lot of triggers.
6:54 pm
and they are being cautious about how you hand the situation. >> bret: if the trigger is protecting hoop life, which it says in the u.n. security council resolution, protecting the libyans from gaddafi forces, yemenis could argue they should be protected or syrians could argue they should be protected. >> shouldn't we all be protected? the term that conservatives have taken up today, is humanitarian imperialism. and they are knocking the administration for basically saying it's not your job to see the your job is protect the united states of america and our vital interest. do that and when that's taken care of consider something else. the danger here is that he looks more bushian than george w. bush with the forward centralgy of freedom and talked about transforming the middle east and the world.
6:55 pm
it's been tough. where the president is heading now that is a concern to some people he is broadening that mandate. >> bret: charles? >> that is a strong arm argument. no one is asking for an attack on syria. they're saying it's scandalous and incomprehensible that the administration is not at least expressing the rhetorical support for people in the street in damascus and in other part of syria and getting shot. syria is an enemy state. strategic interest. >> bret: do you think many people think that bashar assad is a reformer? >> for the president to speak of his credentials as reformer and undermine the protesters in the sheet getting a shot is truly scand louse. it's like obama in 2009 when you had a revolution in iran not speaking out on behalf of the protesters. and speaking respectfully of
6:56 pm
those shooting in the street. it's as if you were an arch enemy of the united states, iran and syria you will gate pass. rhetorical pass by this administration. completely incomp -- complete incomp rehencable. not excusing the butchers shooting them in the street. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for an interesting wake-up call. venting technology, they help people connect in ways never before possible. and by choosing the new york stock exchange to accelerate their business. when we turn lobster into irresistible creations like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio
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with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream and eleven more choices. right now at red lobster. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> bret: finally tonight, last week we reported on air traffic control his or her fell asleep at reagan national airport. one show found something in our coverage that apparently we missed. >> this is proving to be a huge embarrassment for the f.a.a. >> there is the tower. >> first of all, the fact that he simply fell asleep at the wheel. >> but, look, it's 11:00 in the morning. there is the tower. but is he just waking up. look, he he is just waking up. that is ridiculous. >> bret: we didn't see that. remember, keep it here on fox news channel for the president

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